Rustic Metal Framed Wall Mirror



Rustic Metal Wall Mirror

  • Round Industrial Rustic Metal Framed Wall Mirror, 23.5 x 28.5 Rustic Metal, Chic Industrial Accent Mirror for Wall
  • The Wall Mirror is made of a durable rustic metal frame and has interesting industrial detail design paying homage to its decor style.
  • The modern shape and the smooth metal frame surround the reflective surface, giving off plenty of light and creating depth in the space
  • The smooth lines and modern shape of the Mirror is a beautiful addition for retro or modern home decor
  • The rustic metal frame surrounds the large round mirror which is 23.5 inches in diameter. It would be perfect as a vanity mirror in a bathroom or bedroom
  • The keyhole hanger welded on the back makes for a comfortable and secure display on your wall